Composting today is found to be a huge epidemic problem, dealing with noxious odors and deadly methane (green house) gases. Odor One Composting Solutions is however, determined to change these issues one problem at a time.


We believe that landfiills will continue to experience difficulty citing new locations and exanding existing ones. If up to 40% of the waste stream is organic, the industry needs to meet the challenge of composting organics & creating a fertile salable soil amendment.


Our mission is to revolutionize composting through our process. Odors and methane gases are preventable by keeping the mix aerobic 24/7.  Chemical fertilizers reduce nitrogen, carbon, and minerals up to 80%. Chemical companies keep us dependent on their synthetic fertilizers that carry cancer causing toxins. Our immune systems are compromised, weakened to a point of being vulnerable to diseases. Our process will prevent toxins and pathogens. Our goal is to make farmlands healthier again, by not using chemicals and sprays.

Our Systems

Food and yard waste mixed
Test Building
Process Machinery
Custom Equipment
Odor One Compost
Our chemical free organic test garden and enriched crops


What Odor One Composting Solutions (O.O.C.S. can offer communities, farmers, municipalities, etc.,
 is a more cleaner, safer and organic compost, fertilizer (humus) with no induced chemicals or sprays.  
No other company today can offer that! 

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“We’re #1 At making #2!” 

Organic Fertilizer
Sample of Clean Bio Solids composted
Hi-lo with organic compost
Finished Product