Odor One Composting Solutions LLC. (O.O.C.S.) is an innovative company that has successfully invented a revolutionary concept with a new and improved patented process.  Our process prevents odors or methane green house gases (G.H.G.) providing an organic finished product (humus). Residency time is 9-12 days.

Our technology will allow companies to locate close to the source. We can handle any volume or tonnage.

Our newest and latest technology can be used anywhere due to our compost pile not giving off those noxious odors! We can also handle any tonnage or volume that is needed or desired from our clients.

Our Services:

1.  Site Inspection

2. Site Sub Surface & Integrity

3.  Feasibility

4.  Design

5.  Engineering

6.  Quote

7.  Municipal Permits

Compost testing

Compost Results - Conductivity Levels
Lab test data
Lab test results using Biosolids from Detroit Waste Water Treatment Plant

Licensing is available to those who are experiencing composting issues that could lead to fines or closure.

“Where there is a compost problem, we at Odor One Composting have the Solution!”